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Sweetpeas is in need of donations for their maternity packs!

We operate within False Bay Hospital, specifically in the maternity and paediatric wards.

Our volunteers go in daily to meet and pray with new moms and we give out a gift pack of basics for mom and baby which will cover their basic needs for the first few days.  Last year, we were able to supply over 300 packs to babies in the False Bay Maternity Ward, making the first days of their lives so much easier and more comfortable.  Volunteers chat with the moms and gather contact information which is then passed on to Living Hope’s community care workers who follow up with a home visit and offer post-natal care, mentoring, education and support to these mothers and babies within their own communities.  We are also partnered with Hospivision (a group of trained counsellors based at the hospital) so are able to offer more in depth counselling to those who need it.

Although the baby packs are our main focus, we also supply the maternity ward with disposable nappies and toiletries.  In addition to this, we provide nappies, linen savers, toiletries, clothing and basics to the paediatric ward for children in need.

If you feel led to get involved or to give to this wonderful ministry, please contact Eve (0846266998) or bring your donation with you to your Connect / Me2 / Fight Club group where it will be passed on to the office or to the Sunday service where you can place it into the baskets in the foyer.

Find out what is needed here.


Capitec Bank, Noordhoek
Savings Account No:  1466552229
Branch Code:  47 00 10

Swift Code (for international transfers):  CABLZAJJ

Thank you for serving our community so generously with your giving!

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