Colour Conference 2017

To the Ladies of Victory

As leaders, we would like to encourage our ladies to register for the 2017 Colour Conference hosted by Hillsong.  The theme this year is “Being found in the field.”  I was so excited when I read this excerpt in the write up by Bobbie Houston on their website:“I believe that ceilings of containment will lift again on a movement that is now several generations deep and that God will surprise us with the “exceeding, abundant and above” that He is famous for! (Ephesians 3.20)”

Anyone recognise our Me2 scripture for the year??  We’re going beyond ladies!  Don’t miss out.

Dates:  26 & 27 April 2017 (conference 1) and 28 & 29 April 2017 (Conference 2)*
Venue:  Grand West Plaza
Cost:  R600.00
Kids programs are available for ages 1 – 12
*Most of our ladies are going to be attending Conference 1 (Thursday is a public holiday).
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